With constant technological advances and smart new apps that are supposed to make your travel experience simpler and more streamlined emerging on a weekly basis, have you ever paused and asked yourself the straightforward question: are some of these innovations really helping? When it comes to travel, here are our top 5 old-fashioned tips to try without the tech.

Paper boarding passes

Electronic boarding passes mean you have to carry your phone in your hand while you line up through bag check, security, and again at the gate, which can prove cumbersome and inconvenient as you try to handle ID and any items you’ve been required to remove form your carry on while avoiding dropping your phone. Also, a lot of airport staff don’t generally like to handle your device so you’ll often end up scanning the codes yourself, while trying to avoid locking your device and turning up the screen brightness so the code can be read. In contrast, however, paper boarding cards are replaceable if lost, don’t break if dropped, and can be safely handed over to airport personnel to be dealt with. Win – win!

Check-in at the airport

Sometimes airline websites, along with any rules, regulations and mandatory information that you need to supply, can make online check-in a real headache. If you have the time, spare yourself some hassle and arrive earlier to check-in at the airport. The airline representative will make sure all your information is correct, check any bags you might have, and allocate your seat all in one easy process. Now that a lot of people check-in online you might also find the lines at the airport are a lot shorter too.

Leave your laptop at home (or in your checked bag)

Although it might be tempting to squeeze in a bit of extra work or reply to those last few emails whilst you are traveling, try leaving your laptop in your checked bag, or back at home altogether, and spend some quality time reading, eating a good lunch, or shopping for gifts at the airport. By the time you arrive at your destination you’ll feel rested, relaxed, and ready to take on whatever the day has to throw out at you rather than feeling entirely burnt out.

Bring cash

Of course there are perks to using your credit card, but if you are trying to stick to a tight budget while you travel consider bringing just enough cash to cover the essentials so that you’ll avoid any temptation to overspend on unnecessary items while at the airport.  Of course, it’s always useful to have contingency, so it’s worth bringing your cards just in case, but try using your cash first and only flash the plastic in an emergency.

 Book a car service in advance

It may now be possible to turn up and use an app to navigate your way around a city’s public transport system, however booking our dependable Florida limo service in advance will give you complete peace of mind and assurance that you will arrive at your destination in a timely manner and in complete comfort, allowing you to relax and enjoy the rest of your journey without the stress and uncertainty of any onward travel.