It’s that sinking feeling when you look up at the flight information board and see the dreaded word flash up on the screen: DELAYED. You’ve rushed to the airport and have an important meeting to get to once you land, so it can be especially frustrating when you are left in suspense by the airlines to see when you’ll finally be on the move. But don’t fret! There are some great ways to spend your time at the airport so you can make the most of a flight delay.

  • Do some work!

It might not seem particularly tempting when you are tired and frustrated, but it could be worth trying to get some work done whilst you wait, especially if your flight delay looks like it could be significant. Find a power outlet, plug in your laptop or tablet and get stuck in to that lingering report or those emails you have been putting off. This will give you a sense of achievement as you can continue to tick tasks off your to-do list whilst you wait.

  • Grab some holiday gifts

As it’s the holiday season, why not save yourself some time trailing round stores back home and do a little holiday gift shopping in the airport instead? You may well be able to pick up some great buys for a significantly lower price than in your average store, just be conscious of what you can practically transport and go for gifts that are small and light instead.

  • Have a bite to eat

You might have run out of the house or the office in a rush without time to eat, so use the flight delay as an opportunity to refuel and set yourself up for the day. Try to avoid the usual junk food that is commonly available in airports if you can – this can often leave you feeling lethargic later in the day. Go for a freshly prepared salad or sandwich, and grab a coffee to give your energy levels a boost.

  • Read

A flight delay can give you a great opportunity to settle down and read without any distraction. Whether its getting stuck into that novel, catching up with the news, or reading around the latest research in your industry, time at the airport can give the chance to focus for a change. If you are travelling for a conference or an important meeting, try reading around the topic or familiarizing yourself with presenters or attendees.

  • Catch up with family and friends

When you’re busy at work, your personal life can start to suffer. Use the time waiting for a flight to reach out to friends or family who you may not have been in touch with recently due to your hectic schedule. Email, message, or even give them a call – and make sure you take advantage of any free airport Wi-Fi to avoid going overboard on your data allowance.

Whenever you experience a flight delay it can be a truly exasperating experience, so make sure you can take the stress out of your onward travel with our reliable Florida airport shuttle. Our chauffeurs will be right there to transport you from the airport to your onward destination, whatever delay you might have experienced!