When you are in charge of a diverse team of people it can be difficult to know how to get the best from every member – with varied personalities, conflicting priorities, and a range of motivational levels it can be difficult to keep your team on track and ensure that you are moving towards a common goal. Read on for our top tips on how you can motivate your team to increase their productivity today.


  • Set goals

One of the most crucial aspects of keeping a team productive is to set definable goals and targets – nothing will demotivate your team faster than if they don’t know what they are working towards and why. Set individual targets on the micro level, then set overall project targets so that team members can see the overall picture and how their particular role fits in to these goals. Make sure you acknowledge and reward staff when they reach their targets though, as unrecognized achievements can be more demotivating than setting no goals at all.


  • Have regular catch-ups

Make sure you schedule in regular meetings with your team so that everybody gets an overview of progress. That way, your team will get a chance to share any sticking points or suggest ways in which to move a project forward in order to keep productivity high. Just ensure these meetings stay on track with a defined agenda so they don’t end up wasting time and creating more problems than they solve.


  • Be realistic and supportive

Don’t expect your team to perform overnight miracles, and if they address a problem try to work together to come up with an effective solution. If you don’t place too many unrealistic expectations on your staff and are available for them when they run into difficulties then they will be far more motivated to keep working hard for the group cause.


  • Get your team to communicate

Even if you have scheduled regular team meetings it is important to ask your team to communicate with one another during the course of a normal working day and not just wait until later to address all their concerns or issues. Effective communication is one of the cornerstones of productivity as it allows ideas to flow and keeps team projects moving forward efficiently.


  • Be firm, but fair

Tell your team exactly what you expect from them, and let them know if they do fail to meet these expectations. You will earn respect if you are clear and consistent with your message and this in turn will positively influence productivity – staff will be sure of the boundaries and what is acceptable within the scope of their roles.

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