It can be tempting to throw everything but the kitchen sink into your carry-on for those ‘just in case’ situations on your flight, but what do you really need to ensure a happy travel experience? Read on for our list of the top 5 items you shouldn’t be without on your next trip…

  • Noise cancelling headphones

An absolute must on long, busy flights – noise cancelling headphones will drown out engine noise and, to a lesser extent, conversations around you so that you can enjoy what you are watching or listening to without distractions and interruptions. If you are a light sleeper they can also act like earplugs and help you drift off during a red-eye flight, or help if you find it difficult to concentrate on your work with lots of background noise.

  • Laptop or tablet

Whilst many long-haul flights will provide entertainment on chair-back screens to help pass the time while you fly, you may want to download your own selections in advance to watch on the plane for greater variety. You can now even download shows and movies from some of the big streaming services such as Netflix to watch when you have no internet connection, so you can keep binging on that addictive new season even when you travel.

  • A good book

For the most part, flying is one of the few activities that still cuts us off from the constant stream of information that is accessible on our smartphones and tablets whilst we’re on the ground, and this can sometimes be a good thing. Use your time in-flight to relax and get stuck into a really good book – with increasingly fragmented and busy lives, and the constant demand of technology, it is sometimes difficult to sit back and simply indulge in some time spent reading, so use this to your advantage.

  • Water and snacks

Whilst you’ll usually get some form of complimentary meals, snacks, and drinks on a long-haul flight, you would be wise to bring your own along too. You never know when something may go wrong, for example you may not like the food on offer, there may be unexpected delays causing you to be stuck on the plane, or extended periods of turbulence mean the flight crew can’t carry out their service.

  • A travel pillow

When you want to catch some shut-eye during your flight make sure you have a good quality, comfortable travel pillow with you that will allow you to get the rest you need. There are now a number of ergonomic pillows on the market which are much more comfortable than the traditional round-the-neck designs and will allow you to sleep for longer and without the usual neck or back ache once you wake up.

As well as all the in-flight travel essentials, make sure you have reliable ground transport lined up for a relaxing, hassle free onward travel experience. Our Florida airport transfer service will make getting around a breeze, and you can rest-assured that you will experience only the highest quality, professional service from our friendly chauffeurs.