You want to keep your journey as simple and stress-free as possible, and that all starts with your packing! Make sure you aren’t struggling with excess luggage and bulky carry-on by following our top tips for packing light on your next business trip.

–          Find out what your hotel supplies

You might be surprised at the amount of toiletries and other personal items that your hotel will supply free of charge, so check before you travel if you are note sure. Items such as shampoo, hairdryers, and shaving cream can be heavy and cumbersome when you are trying to pack lightly but are commonly supplied by hotels. Even if they are not laid out in your room there are plenty of other items that many hotels will provide, so ask in advance and pack accordingly.

–          Plan outfits in advance

One of the most common packing problems comes with the last-minute scramble to fit every item of clothing into your case because you haven’t thought out what you absolutely need to take for your trip. Even though you might be busy trying to deal with a million other tasks before you travel, it is worth spending some time planning out what you are going to wear each day and packing accordingly. Check the weather at your destination too – that way you can be efficient and only bring what you need for the conditions.

–          Wear bulky items

Whilst we wouldn’t recommend layering all your sweaters one on top of the other in order to save space in your carry on, it is a good idea to identify your bulkiest items for packing and consider wearing them for your journey instead. For example a heavy winter coat or tall boots can take up a huge amount of space and weight, so it’s a good idea to think about wearing these for your trip. You can always carry your travel vest with you if you get too warm at the airport!

–          Invest in good luggage

When you travel regularly for business, you want to be sure that your luggage isn’t weighing more than its contents! Save your back and invest in a good, sturdy but lightweight piece of carry-on luggage. There are now many brands that offer all the features of regular carry on suitcases including castor wheels and retractable handles at a fraction of the weight. Beware of false economy, however – cheap lightweight bags may be a good short-term solution but their construction is often much poorer than the more expensive equivalent. Bear in mind that a better quality case is likely to last you for much longer and stand up to the strains of travel and over-enthusiastic baggage handlers much more readily.

When it comes to business travel you want it to be as smooth and hassle-free as possible. As well as packing light, why not take the strain out of the rest of your journey with our Florida airport shuttle. Our chauffeurs will make sure you are transported to your destination in comfort and luxury so you can relax and unwind after draining travel.